Corrupt Society of Rebels A Story of a Disgruntled Barber

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ďLather and Nothing ElseĒ seems to fit Hernando Tellezís story well. Itís self- explanatory to the plot of the story and essentially gives away the decision of our disgruntle protagonist. But what if someone looks at the story in a different perspective? Perhaps if the point of view was changed? Try to read the story from the sight of an innocent bystander or the view of the captain in the barberís chair. …

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…statement, indeed. This story is quite controversial, and it is found as very good literature with quality themes. This story is a good example of the choices we make in life, even if the choices arenít as important as that one. It demonstrates the choices of our past societies. The story's textures give it flavor and interest. Textures like irony, suspense, and the developed conflict qualify this story as quality literature. Bibliography N/A.