Cooper Thompson's A New Vision of Masculinity A Summary

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Cooper Thompson, in his article "A new Vision of Masculinity", discusses the stereotypical definition of masculinity. He demonstrates that there are good qualities in both male and female; he insists that boys should learn both qualities and combine them properly to from "new masculinity." Thompson opens the article with his experience in a suburban high school as a guest speaker. In the class discussion, he learns that the most degrading insult for boys is being …

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…author expresses this as the "new tradition." Finally Cooper Thompson explains that the "traditional definition of masculinity" has some good sides such as independence or courage. Yet, in some extreme case it may create mental and even physical agony. Therefore, he suggests that boys shall accept and learn positive aspects of femininity. In addition, he offers a proposal that if maleness and femaleness are equally valued, boys no longer will fight to prove their masculinity.