Contrasting Views In Home Burial

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Often it seems that writers have their own personal inspiration that fuels a great work to cause its readers to realize the complexity of the human nature. Robert Frost's "Home Burial" is a masterfully written example of such works, conceived from his and his wife's anguish at the loss of their first-born son as well as from the estrangement between his sister-in-law and her husband due to the death of their child. In Donald J. …

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…being the result of failed communication. "Home Burial" is unfortunately a reflection of the reality that many marriages fail in the event of a child's death. A lack of communication, both verbally and physically, tears apart two people even without a tragedy as profound as the one that Frost and his wife experienced. Frost's work is an expression of the more serious and traumatic side of nature and reveals the consequences of inevitable human flaws.