Continental Drift and Homer

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On the surface, Continental Drift and The Oddyssey are very different. The two protagonists, Bob Dubois and Odysseus, are as unalike as two men can be. Bob is an average man with an average life. He works for one man so that he can pay bills to others, trying to make what little money is left supply his family with the needs, both real and imagined, that every family has. Odysseus is a mythical figure, …

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…man that he wants to be. What the Greeks praised in Odysseus was not his vast wealth, but his abilities as a man. So when sees only weakness in his father, while admiring Ave Boone and Eddy, he is doomed never to become a great man. In the end, he is not even a good man. Bibliography Works Cited Banks, Russell. Continental Drift. New York: Harper Perennial, 1994. Homer. The Odyssey. Richmond Lattimore, Trans., Harper Perennial, 1999.