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The Myth of Consumerism Every society has mythology. In some societies, it's religion. Our religion is consumerism. Ellen Weis, San Francisco's Museum of Modern Mythology Consumerism fuels the capitalist fire. In a capitalist society, the goal is to make money, by whatever means possible, exploiting whichever potential weakness that might exist. The human race is one with a wild imagination, and this wild imagination, though a great strength, can, like all great strengths, serve as …

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…PalmPilot example; the ads seem to act like the only way to get sex is by buying their products. While some religions and cults have bad effects on people's minds, consumerism seems to have worse effects. Still, they both share all of their main characteristics: morals, stories, idoltry, and faith, but consumerism seems to be coming out ahead in the race for the minds of Americans. Ellen Weis seems correct in calling consumerism our religion.