Consumer Culture:Troublesome Trends

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Consumer Culture: Troublesome Trends Making of a New Consumer Culture Industrialization has brought more to modern society than a wealth of consumer goods. With the arrival of industrialization came the ideology of consumerism - the doctrine that the self cannot be complete without a wealth of consumer goods.# The role that our present-day society holds up to its members is the role of the consumer, and the members of our society are judged by their …

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…December 10, 1997, Final Edition, p.A47 Kilbourne, Jean. "'The More You Subtract, The More You Add': Cutting Girls Down to Size." In Can't Buy My Love: How Advertising Changes the Way we Think and Feel, 128-154. New York: Touchstone, 1999. 130. Murphy, Paricia L. "The Commodified Self in Consumer Culture: A Cross-Cultural Perspective," Journal of Social Psychology 140, no. 5 (2000): 636. "Who's Wearing the Trousers?" The Economist (Sept. 8, 2001): 27. Consumer Culture: Troublesome Trends Moraldo Rantucci - 001066195 Fine Arts 3850A - David Clearwater