Coney Island

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Coney Island and Its Effects On Leisure As the industrial revolution came to a close in the late 1800's and early 1900's Americans began to search for a more leisurely lifestyle away from the factories that consumed much of their lives. Coney Island in Brooklyn was the perfect answer to their search. It offered a convenient place for the masses, rich and poor, to enjoy their time off and relax. In time Coney Island would …

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…bankrup, ending Dreamland. Eventually a couple of years later Dundee and Thompson would also go bankrupt and Luna Park with them. Coney Island was no more. Coney Island may have ended but its effects on leisure and lifestyles of the people in New York are still felt today. It allowed people to leave the hard factory working life behind and enjoy the times with their families and freinds. It allowed people to live a little.