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Restaurant Review The restaurant my best friend and I went to was called P&P Hunan Chinese Restaurant. It is located on the corner of Britain and Laurel Ave in San Carlos, California. P&P Hunan have opened up for about two and a half years the restaurant has already become a very popular place to eat in San Carlos. The word “Hunan” comes from a name of a provenience in Southeast China which people …

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…and gave me the card. My friend and I were so filled with the food it was like we had gone to eat the best food in our life. The food was great, service was excellent, atmosphere was small but comfortable, and the price was reasonably well. Rating of the Restaurant: P&P Hunan Chinese Restaurant Service: **** Atmosphere: **1/2 Food: ***** Price (Per Person): ***** Overall: ****1/2 * = Bad Price- $5.00- 10.00 = ***** ** =Okay $10.00- 15.00 = **** *** = Good $15.00- 20.00 = *** **** =Very Good $20.00- 25.00 = ** ***** = Excellent $25.00- 30.00 = *