Computer Viruses

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Computer Viruses In recent years, the explosion in the use of networks and the Internet has created a new avenue for computer viruses to spread at a rapid rate. Earlier viruses used executable files and would typically be no more than an annoyance by displaying harmless phrases. The latest viruses are much more sophisticated and able to cause extensive and irreparable damage to files. Some viruses are able to spread themselves to other computers on …

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…users do to protect their systems? Practice caution when working with files from unknown or questionable sources. Do not open e-mail attachments if you do not recognize the sender. Download files only from reputable Internet sites and be wary when exchanging diskettes or other media between friends. Even with these precautions, viruses will find ways to enter your computer system. Be sure to install an anti-virus software program to guard against virus attacks. (Nakadomari 20 Nov 2001)