Compulsory Voting: Why it is a bad idea.

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In seemingly democratic countries across the globe, a great injustice is taking place. It is hard to believe that in the age of Al-Qaeda and "the war on terrorism," few have taken notice of the undemocratic process of compulsory voting, which occurs in several first-world nations such as Australia and Belgium. For those in favour of compulsory voting there is a belief that mandatory voting is a civic responsibility. These supporters believe that this process …

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…everyday challenges. As was the case in Australia, compulsory voting does very little to change or improve governments in power, because many of those voting have little education of political matters and vote simply for whomever is most familiar. An informed and well educated population, intrigued by political policy is the key to democracy because, by being able to properly access a problem, one is also most qualified to come up with an effective solution.