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Comparison of Post-Impressionists and Expressionists One of the great Expressionists who may have been influenced by a Post-Impressionist is Pablo Picasso. He was a great artist in his time and with his unique style he broke many rules that had many people talking. He painted a number of colorful works, but Girl Before A Mirror will be the one I will be comparing to Paul Gauguin's self-portrait. Paul Gauguin and Pablo Picasso had their own …

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…his off center painting and the vivid colors he uses. Also the symbolism he uses in his painting by the outlining and the ironic halo. Pablo could never be compared to be similar to another painter because he was so unique, but to be the great artist that he was he had to learn something from other great artist. Pablo Picasso's symbolisms in his paintings are astonishing and the geometrics in his paintings symbolize creativeness.