Comparison of Perugino and Caravaggio

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The artists of the Baroque had a remarkably different style than artists of the Renaissance due to their different approach to form, space, and composition. This extreme differentiation in style resulted in a very different treatment of narrative. Perhaps this drastic stylistic difference between the Renaissance and Baroque in their treatment of form, space, and composition and how these characteristics effect the narrative of a painting cannot be seen more than in comparing Perugino’s …

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…the goal of Caravaggio as a Baroque artist, was to illustrate the subject in an emotional way, present an emotional narrative, and thus, get an emotional response. His overall representation of dynamic balance, painterly forms, variety of forms, gradual recession of space, and tenebrism create heightened mystery and that emotional narrative. Perugino’s art was the art of classical persuasion, but Caravaggio’s art was the art of heightened persuasion because it persuaded the emotions.