Comparison of In a Glass House and Lives of the Saints by Ninno Ricci

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Child has been taught from the beginning that the family is sacred, and is the most important thing in the life of every person. Family can give what no one else can give: love, protection, and it shapes a person’s identity from the birth. Very often parents are judged by the way their child behaves, however there is a huge number of disordered families. Lack of a parent or unstopping abuse and arguments can …

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…our lives is the feeling of failure or guilt. I come from a minority group, families where F stood for feedback or flow and not failure. F's on a test meant a failed test and not a failure as a human being. F's helped me find my place in the universe because the family attitude was, "It was meant to be." And now we would see what good would come of this event.” (King Solomon)