Comparison of Daniel Sonnet 6 and Shakespeares Sonnet 130

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"Comparison of Daniel's Sonnet 6 and Shakespeare's Sonnet 130" Daniel wrote a conventional love sonnet using the traditional Petrarchan style of putting the idea of love, or the mistress, on a pedestal. Shakespeare turned these ideas on their heads by portraying a mistress who was by no means special and most certainly unappealing. During Daniel's time there was a traditional way of writing love poems. Many of these poems talked of an unattainable woman whose love and …

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…of a woman, one who is immortal and unattainable. Shakespeare, on the other hand mocks this style of writing and creates a vision of a more human woman who has flaws and is anything but perfect. In conclusion, these two writers have different views on what true love is, and the kind of woman they admire. Neither way is wrong, but are simply two contrasting ways of expressing how a man looks at a woman.