Comparison essay between the movie Armageddon and he book The perfect storm

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"Success comes with a price" which can be connected to The Perfect Storm and Armageddon. Both stories explained very well on how far humans will go to earn a living. The Perfect Storm is a story about a group of fishermen who end up drowning by a 100-foot wave and the main characters are Bobby Shatford, Billy Tyne and Murphy. Armageddon is a story about a group of oil workers whom go to an asteroid …

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…job brings to them motivates them to work. The financial gain that the men can achieve tempted them. Independence on an oilrig and fishing boat give the men at a chance of real freedom. The lifestyle and challenges are a big reason why men choose that particular line of work. The lesson that is learned is that a style of work may seem dangerous to one but to someone else that job would be paradise.