Comparison between Federalist and Antifederalist views

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When evaluating the balance between Federalist and Anti-Federalist influence in the United States, one must also have a firm understanding on the basis of their views as they apply to the Constitution itself. The first mention of Federalism was in the 17th century, though strictly in religious terms at that point. The word itself comes from the Latin word foederatus, meaning bound by treaty. Federalism as a tool is simply put, a way to link …

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…always remain a balance with government. It is about how much freedom the individual is willing to give up versus the amount of safety that individual wants. Sure, taxes are paid, but that’s to be expected for all the benefits that each citizen receives. As Ronald Reagan once said, “The taxpayer -- that's someone who works for the federal government but doesn't have to take the civil service examination”. It all depends ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**