Comparison and Contrast of Little Red Riding Hood and The Company of Wolves

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The view point of an author can be determined easily by comparing works of the same basic plots and characters. Also by contrasting the same two works is equally as important. “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault and Angela Carter’s “The Company of Wolves” are perfect examples. The writer’s purpose, characterization, and readability shows one of many ways of pinpointing the author’s bias. Clearly Carter and Perrault show a bias with …

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…dates. Perrault used a very rhythmic and poetic structure. In his days it was much easier to pass down stories and fairy tales if you gave the story a rhythm. In this essay I showed an author’s bias and point of view. From Perrault’s antiquated vocabulary and writing style to Carter’s beastly descriptions and real life verbiage which shows how two people can write dissimilar works off of the same story line.