Comparison and Contrast

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"Which bike is best for me?" That is the question most motorcycle buyers would ask themselves. I have chosen three separate sportbike advertisements and analyzed their differences. Most motorcycle advertisements show and tell why the product should be bought. The advertisers portray the sportbikes in a unique style and the ads explain why their sportbike is superlative, and they use different techniques to illustrate their position. The ads are persuasive by the effective use of …

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…the market. Honda lists the championships won, Suzuki illustrates that the champion has returned, and Yamaha declares hell will freeze before something can surpass it. These are all strategic techniques to convince someone that they will be indomitable on the street. However, this misleads people into thinking they can race on public roads, which is dangerous. The advertisers main goal is to make the bikes appeal to our competitive senses, which is easier to influence.