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Of Boaters and Drivers What environmental aspects serve to alter people’s behavior so greatly? Courtesy, politeness, compassion, and temperament seem to change in different environments, even when the activities are very similar. The most interesting facet of this phenomena, however, is that the people who own both boats and cars, act completely different during usage of each. Owners of both cars and boats are involved in the same process, whether on the water or …

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…tow-truck, which costs the car owner a minimum of seventy-five dollars. It is ironic how the same people, in very similar activities, involving the same risks and like rewards, act within a totally different “rule-book” while participating in each respective pastime. The same people that waved at you on the way back to the marina, will be screaming at you and blowing their horns for you to hurry up at a stoplight the next day.