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Josh Manning Reader-Response Comparison William Faulknerís "A Rose for Emily" can have many different reader-responses, as any story can, however it is the responsibility of reader-response critics, like Robert Crosman, to determine if they are valid and helpful in understanding the story. "How Readers Make Meaning" is a failed attempt by Crosman to show that any reader response, no matter how far fetched, can be helpful in the interpretation of a story. Reader-response critics …

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…the idea that the reader can comprehend the basics of a text. In Stacyís case she didnít get the basics of the text, in fact she didnít even realize that Emily had killed Homer Barron and slept with a his dead body for years. It is impossible to have a valid comparison of responses when the fundamentals of a text are not grasped and there lies the problem with Crosmanís argument.