Comparing Tragedies (How to Tell a War Story, and Deat by Landscape)

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Tim O'Brien's "How to Tell a Ture War Sotry" and Margaret Atwood's "Death by Landscape" are tragic stories that are relived through the memories of the narrators. I would not consider "How to Tell a Ture War Sotry" and Death by Landscape" ghosts sotries. My understnatding of a ghost story is a haunting of someone or something. Both stories are interpretations of a personal belief of what happened to thier friends. The narratior of "How …

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…the story to the exact point, he feels that the listener will become skeptical of what he is saying. In "Death by Landscape," Lois also feels the need to tell the story to the exact point. She wants people to understand the terror she felt when she could not find Lucy. Both narrators find comfort in telling their stories. It helps them to understnad that it really happened and not a figment of their imagination.