Comparing Animal Revolutionist and Russian Revolutionist

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Comparing Animal Revolutionist and Russian Revolutionist There are many people that had an influence on the Russian Revolution but three names stand out in bold, these people are Joseph Stalin (the ruthless Russian leader,) Leon Trotsky (the smooth talking leader that opposed Stalin,) and Nikolai Lenin (the creator of the Russian Revolution.) There are three pigs in the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell that really stand out from the start of the book until …

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…people that had great influences in the Russian Revolution. The animal that characterized Joseph Stalin is Napoleon. The animal that characterized Leon Trotsky is Snowball. The animal that characterized Nikolai Lenin is Old Major. Through my investigations I found that most of the important characters in evangelizing Animalism were all pigs. I did these three comparisons because these people were the main influences on communism and the Russian Revolution or Animalism and the Animal Revolution.