Compare and contrast 2 pieces of early american lit. (Plymouth Plantion and The General History of Virginia)

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Comparison of Early American Literature The two selections Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford and The General History of Virginia by John Smith are some of the earlier pieces of American literature. Although they were both written in the same time period the style and attitudes vary greatly. William Bradford had a very direct form of writing; commonly known as "plain puritan" style, whereas, John Smith had a somewhat confusing, more elaborate, writing style. Bradford's …

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…find excitement and adventure. Bradford simply wanted to inform the readers of what the lives of colonists was really like. As different are their writing styles, motifs, and views these two men share some common ground, one being they are some of the earliest works of American Literature. So no matter how different or alike Smith and Bradford's writings are, History of Virginia and Of Plymouth Plantation will always be remembered as great American literature.