Comparative: Smith and Marx's to Kierkegaard and Dostoevsky's view of god and religion.

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Man VS. God(Man) In the modern era, one of the primary issues that has plagued our society is the idea of ethics versus faith. Simplistically put, shall man live for himself or for a higher being? Man is bestowed with a free will which presents the dilemma of choosing either current selfish happiness or an in depth spiritual purpose. One could dispute that there is an easily acquired middle ground; that man can strive …

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…beliefs are overrated. People waste too much time stating their beliefs and deciding what they believe in. God should not be a belief or a leap of faith, but rather a personal truth. We are placed on this earth to thrive for ourselves and that is pleasing enough for God. Until our final day comes, we are our own Gods. John Lennon once said, "I do not believe in [anything]...I only believe in myself."