Community Service at Colleges

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Community Service Day University of Connecticut students and faculty volunteered their time and energy on Nov. 20 for Community Service Day. Organized by the Uconn Center for Community Outreach, the volunteers worked at one of 15 different work sites throughout the day. They included campus clean up of litter around the ponds, sorting donations at Windham Area Interfaith Ministry, reading stories to children at the Lutz Children's Museum in Manchester and making tree ornaments with the residents …

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…to help students connect classroom learning with hands-on work in the community. The Center for Community Outreach provides opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students and faculty to get involved in a variety of community service activities with children, senior citizens, people with disabilities and the environment. The Center for Community Outreach promotes Community Service Days in campus newspapers, through e-mail distribution, their newsletter and in flyers hung in Residence halls. All are welcome to volunteer.