Community College Students Create A SelfImage In Their Life

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Community College Students Create A Self-Image In Their Life Swimming with the current is much easier than swimming against the current. If people are not able to follow the trend, they will not belong to this time anymore. “Most of the time each of us is a member of a group, sometimes a member of several groups, and at different times of different groups” (Katona 55). Moreover, their feeling, thinking, and acting will be profoundly influenced …

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…is a part of their life. Bibliography Works Cited Fox, Jeffrey. “Laptops faster and better than ever.” Consumer Reports May 1999: 13 Katona, George. The Powerful Consumer. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co, 1960. Keen, Sam. Psychopathy and Consumerism. 6 Jan. 1999. 26 April 1999 “Materialism.” The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. 3rd ed. 4 Jan 1998. 29 April. 1999. Solomon, Jolie and Globe Staff. “American Express: King of cards no longer; Once an icon, company struggles not to become just another player.” The Boston Globe 13 Oct. 1991: 1-3.