Commercialization of Gametes. This paper describes the debate about women selling their eggs (gametes) for money. It includes many points about why one would be against such a practice.

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"Commercialization of Gametes" "Brainy Beauties Finance College by Selling Their Eggs" is the headline of one Internet source taken from a bulletin board at a prestigious college. College students are being offered thousands of dollars to donate eggs to infertile couples due to their brains and beauty. Some women are making this procedure, which can be extremely painful, a habit in order to finance their college education. Some people, especially athletes, brilliant scientists, models, singers, …

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…are helping people find happiness, I disagree. There are simply too many side effects and too many risks involved in the selling of eggs and sperm. Therefore, I feel that the government should make it illegal unless special cases arise, in which case, they can find a donor in the same way in which they find a kidney donor or a bone marrow donor for sick patients that are dying in hospitals across the country.