Coming Home

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Chapter 3 Coming Home Cornelius picked up the remote control out of the aliens hand. He pressed it and walked out through the invisible wall. He started to run down the beach but then he stopped. He turned back and shouted: “Come on!!!” The dark man shook his had to awake himself and ran out through the wall. They both ran down the beach. As Cornelius was running he noticed something ahead of him. It couldn’…

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…continued into the forest until they came to the outside of a clearing. They moved the bushes aside and inside they could see the craft that abducted them. They looked around, and saw some dome like buildings and aliens wandering the premises. “On my word we make a run for the spaceship!” “WHAT?!” asked a shocked Cornelius. After an hour and a half of debating and planning the agreed an a plan. “1…2…3…GO!.” THE END?