Colorado Now and Then

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Colorado: Then and Now “Gold! Gold!! Gold!!! Gold!!!! Hard to get and heavy to hold.” (Coel 1) Headlines in 1858 when gold was found along the Platte River. Which started a booming economy in mining. Some struck it rich and some moved on. Some did farming and ranching, while others started a new business and some saw the money in tourism. In time some of these people have continued to become successful and others have found wealth. …

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…a prosperous and large state, but it is one of the best states to work, raise a family, or just visit. Bibliography Bibliography Abbott, Carl. Colorado: A History of the Centennial State. Colorado: Colorado Associated University Press, 1976. Brettell, Richard R. Historic Denver. Colorado: Historic Denver, Inc., 1973. Coel, Margaret. Discovering Historic Colorado. Colorado: Colorado and West, 1985. Crutchfield, James A. It Happened in Colorado. Montana: Falcon Press,1993. Shedd, Albert, Dir. Poison in the Rockies. 1987. Videocassette. Educational Films, 1988.