Colonial Acts

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1773 The Tea Act. This law was passed after the Townshend Act was repealed. It started when the British heard about the colonies corresponding with one another. The Parliament decided to open a new law, the Tea Act. The Tea Act gave all the American trade to the East India Company. This angered the colonist because it put shippers and merchants out of business. Even thought now, the tea would be cheaper, they still taxes the …

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…reached Lexington the ordered the colonists to lay down their guns. They refused. Within minutes a shot rang out known as the shot hear around the world and 8 colonists lay dead. Then the British made their way to Concord burning the courthouse and some of the militias supplies. At the old North Bridge in concord is where the minutemen forced the British back to Boston. This was the first day of the Revolutionary war, April 19, 1775.