Colombian Foods

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Colombian food is not spicey and it does not feature dishes with names like burrito, taco, enchilada, or chimichanga. What you will find when you open a menu is a lot of chicken, beef, fish (the closer you get to the coast), rice, potatos, yuca, plantains, soup, and juice to name a few things. The following list is not exhaustive by any means, but it does reflect the typical inexpensive menu items you will find …

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…lar to the yuca), guasca (a herb used for flavoring), and yuca. It is tradition to add sour creme and capers and serve with white rice and avacado. Sancocho de gallina - Thick broth containing chicken, potato, and yuca. Caldo de Costilla - Thin broth containing rib beef, potatos, and cilantro; commonly served for breakfast in some regions such as Tolima. Mondongo - Thick broth containing intestines, potatos, carrots, spinach, and sometimes peas and beens.