Colombia Revolt

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Columbia Revolt UP AGAINST THE WALL, MOTHER******! THIS IS A STICK-UP! Perhaps nothing upset our enemies more than this slogan. To them it seemed to show the extent to which we had broken with their norms, how far we had sunk to brutality, hatred and obscenity. Great! The New York Times put forward three interpretations of the slogan, the only one of which I remember is the one which had to do with putting the …

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…campuses after the Columbia Revolt, particularly in the two years immediately following the event. Columbia served as a microcosm for the growing student attitude during this time that was fed up with the slow results of the lawful and socially acceptable protest. The Columbia Revolt showed that students were willing to take their way of life hostage, if necessary, in order to take back the American ideals of democracy that this country was founded on.