Cold War

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The cold war erupted in 1945 for various reasons. To a large extent of hostility arose from the Americanís side, as well as from the Sovietís side. There were many things that occurred during 1945-1948, from the first conflicts between Russia and the U.S. in Iran to the Berlin Blockade in 1948. As well as past conflicts contributed to the Cold War. And as time passed, more and more tension grew between the two …

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…drive us out of Europe. If the soviets want war they can start it 500 miles to the west just as well as here." Basically this meant that no threats made by Russia would push the U.S. out of Berlin. So you can see much of what occurred during 1945-1948 brought out a great deal of tension between the two super powers. And these tensions made the war what it was, a long annoying 46 years.