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So, Why Build A Tower In The First Place? During Toronto's building boom in the early 70's, a serious problem was developing. People were experiencing poor quality television. The pre-skyscraper transmission towers of Toronto stations were simply not high enough anymore.As office buildings were reaching higher and higher, the video reception and radio signaq got weaker and soon became alomst inpossible to recieve. Signals from Toronto and from Buffalo, New York were bouncing off …

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…Ring Award - #1 Radio Campaign for Attractions World Wildlife Fund of Canada - Bird Friendly Building Award Federal Energy Innovator Award for recognition of innovative leadership in the pursuit of energy management opportunities Toronto Tourism Award - Ontario SuperHost for Staff Training & Education International Digital Media Awards - Gold for Best Kiosk/Installation for EcoDek Environment Canada - Great Lakes Raptor Recovery Plaque Tourism Toronto Award - Best Attraction, 1995. We thank you for your recognition.