Clovis Sangrail

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Clovis Sangrail Clovis Sangrail is a character featured in three of the Saki short stories covered this semester. The three featured short stories are “Tobermory”, “The Unrest-cure”, and “The She-Wolf”. Clovis is undoubtedly one of Saki’s preferred individuals because he is a reoccurring character. Since Saki’s main intention was to mock the aristocracy, he required an antithetical character that could serve as a vehicle for Saki’s own actions to be carried out …

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…to show what Siberian magic can in the hands of some one who really understands it”. When observing these three examples, one can conclude that Clovis’ character is used to create conflict with the aristocracy. As well as conflict, Clovis provides a conveyance for Saki to poke fun at the upper class. Clovis’ quick wits and humor designate him as a veritable threat to the élite’s vulnerability that accompanies a pampered and superficial lifestyle.