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Iím sure youíve heard of Dolly, the first fully-grown cloned mammal, but have you heard of the 277 failures? Human cloning is so much more complex we must take the steps to prevent human cloning. There are many problems with cloning, getting out of hand, as well and religious and ethical debates too. What is cloning got a bit out of hand. Could you imagine 2 or more principals? Not good right? Well, then could …

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…if you can presumably clone a human, what about the human soul? Can you clone it too? Or would it share a soul with itís donor, or just not have soul at all? We just need to remember that cloning is totally, immorally wrong. And you canít forget about your soul. Human cloning would be more damaging than prosperous. And you wouldnít want to be one of the 277 failures now would you?