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Most of the clones donít even live to see their birth anyway. Thatís how it was in 1996 with Dolly, only one of the 277 copying attempts was succesful. Every other lab created embryo died in the Leihmutters womb/body or even in the Petrischale. In the meantime the procedures were improved, but even the experienced clon engineers donít come over a success ratio of approximately ten per cent. The reason for these bad …

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…Virginia produces embryos exclusively for laboratory use/consumption. And only one day later, Michael West from Advanced Cell Technologies (ACT) in Massachusetts confirmed, that they have a research programm which has been running for 1 year and with which human embryos are cloned as a living cell-reservoir. And because that is becoming uncanny even to the ethics commission of ACT, the suggestion was made, not to talk about embryos in the future, but of ďactivated EizellenĒ.