Clever Manka

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The story “Clever Manka” by Anonymous is a brilliant tale of showing the love story between two completely different people. Within the story, a judge banishes his wife for breaking an agreement. She may take with her the one thing she values most. She drugs her husband and takes him with her. On waking, the judge acknowledges that his wife is much wiser than he and appoints her judge of the town. Points that will …

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…many people’s problems. This essay has stated that the short story “Clever Manka” by Anonymous was a sophisticated showing of love between entirely separate beings. Topics that were revisited within the essay included Manka outwitting her husband, the burgomaster being too caught up in his ego, as well as Manka making a game of her marriage with her husband. Manka was a woman of compassion and intellect who did justice through curiousity and love.