Clarissa Dalloway's 'Double'

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Clarissa Dalloway's 'Double' Virginia Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway" is a day-in-the-life story that folds back and forth in time, examining one woman's life decisions and one man's postwar nightmare. The woman is Clarissa Dalloway, a "perfect hostess" in her early fifties, confronts the decisions she made thirty years ago. The man, intended by the author to be Clarissa's "double", is the "shell-shocked" war veteran Septimus Warren Smith who suffers delayed flashbacks over the wartime death of …

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…the final communion of Clarissa and her "double" is achieved without a "physical confrontation," it is not necessary for their relationship to be merely a metaphysical one. Instead, there is a social dimension in their relationship as they are living under the same social forces and environment. Bibliography 1) Form as Compensation for Life Fictive Patterns in Virginia's Woolf's Novels (Holmesland 1997) 2) The interrupted moment : a view of Virginia Woolf's novels Ruotolo, Lucio P. (Stanford University Press, 1986.)