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Cinderella Here’s the story: The girl gets her prince. She leaves her family, who treated her horribly behind in her past. She lives happily ever after. Everyone has heard of Cinderella, but people are unaware that there are many different versions of this legend. One is written by the Grimm Brothers and is titled “Aschenputtel.” In this story the girl is treated as if she were a servant. Her stepfamily hates her and wants …

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…and plot of each version is basically the same, I believe the way the birds help Aschenputtel and the tree makes a dress for her magically is more mystifying. Each story has different key elements that distinguish them, whether this is the characters, where the story takes place, or even a mystical explanation for illogical occurrences. These small, yet significant details make each story what it is, unique from any other Cinderella type fairy tale.