Ciggarette Smoke and Lung Function

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Cigarette Smoking:Destroys Lung Function The facts are conclusive, smoking causes both lung cancer and emphysema. Ellen Brown's article Waging War On Lung Cancer and Carol Lewis's article Causes Of Emphysema prove that smoking cigarettes cause both lung cancer and emphysema. Although both diseases are treatable, neither is curable, both inevitably consume a patient with unbearable suffering and a devastating outcome. The warning signs for lung cancer usually appear when the disease has advanced to …

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…and ultimately makes the vital function of breathing impossible. The chance of getting these diseases can be reduced by 80 percent by simply avoiding cigarette smoke. Lung Cancer is painful and causes a patient to slowly die as their body is eaten by cancer from the inside. Emphysema allows a patient to live, however they are not able to take a full breath, because simple movement is too difficult. The information is indisputable, stop smoking immediately.