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Effects and Aspects of a Grasshopper INTRODUCTION Grasshoppers have been studied, collected, and named from all parts of the earth except for the most frigid regions. More than 10,000 species have been classified and given scientific names. In addition the scientific name, species of grasshoppers may have good common names. The basic classification and identification of grasshoppers consists of the external features of the body. Grasshoppers belong to the phylum Arthropoda as evidence show by the …

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…their ability to communicate visually and acoustically among one another. The hindlegs and wings produce sounds with structural adaptations by rubbing the hindlegs against the tegmina. The auditory organs then receive the signals. Intraspecific communication, that which occurs between members of the same species, is used to attract and regconize mates, fight off unwanted suitors, and defend the territory(-----------). Grasshoppers also may communicate by flapping the wings during flight. This behavior is called crepitation.