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In the words of the Houghton Mifflin Canadian dictionary, deviation is defined as "an abnormality, a departure". David Strorm, the protagonist in the novel The Crysalids written by John Wyndham, lives in a community that scarfs out against all types of deviation abnormalities. The reader notices Joseph Strorm (David's father) uses his occupation as an advantage to destroy and abominate all type of human alteration. For instance, Joseph used his substantially moral mind to deny …

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…thing," he went on, "we must leave tonight, to the Fringes." (pg. 119) Being normal was really the only thing that made you a person in Waknuk. A conclusion must be made. In the time of David's living being normal was really important, until they landed in a community of Sealand, where the were treated as adequate humans. It was that of David Strorm who brought apart and destroyed discrimination against all types of devotional abnormalities.