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English 11 Robert Jones Christy Paper September 4, 2000 Christy came upon strange and unusual conflicts in her situations that were fresh and new to her. These conflicts were so traumatic that she felt if better to leave than to stay in the unfamiliarity of the Appalachian culture. I've also experienced feelings of quitting a situation. Like Christy, I was called to sing a solo in my church choir. If I had run from my situation, I wouldn't …

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…I sung thereafter I became more and more confident and easeful. It became second nature to me and I saw that the frightening shades I once kept had left. Eventhough, I was panicked by this encounter it became a blessing to me. I gained skill that I lacked, and realized the experience wasn't as bad as it appeared. I asked many questions of my dilemmas, but I don't think I'll be asking those questions again.