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China Book Report Book: China Since 1945 Author: Stewart Ross (Note: This book is not described in full depth and detail but is just explained in a very general way, therefore Mahmoud Abdelkader uses The Modernization of China by Gilbert Rozman (Editor) excerpts to support his views) Type of Book: Illustrated Pages: 64 China Book Report The book China Since 1945, written by author Stewart Ross, opens in a description of the Chinese Empire in the 1900ís. There …

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…After that, Ross starts to take sides with Communism. The book is written all about a negative view of Communism and maybe thatís why he has a biased overview. The other book, The Modernization of China by Rozman is extremely useful to compare a biased view to a neutral view. It points out much other information that the Ross left out. Overall, I though both books were great and I have learned a lot.