China's 1911 Revolution.

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China’s 1911 Revolution. Many aspects of China’s history attributed to China’s revolution in 1911. These aspects were both long term and short term. China’s 1911 revolution was somewhat different from those in other countries in that the factors leading up to it were not mainly short term…they were part of China’s long term and inbred culture. It was because of these established roots and ideas that the 1911 revolution did not completely succeed …

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…the revolution could have been the general suffering and distress of the population due to natural disasters like floods, droughts and famines, plagues and the fact that as China’s ever-increasing population swelled, food became harder to come by. Life in China was prevailing difficult for those not in the upper-class. So although new ideas and thoughts were abundant, food and secure living was not. Basically the whole country was restful and ready for change.