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China dynasties Now and Then The past and present of china are very similar. What has happened in past Chinese societies in the last 2,000 years seems to be repeating it. Ch'ing Dynasty, over 2200 years ego, have come back, being repeated by the current regimen. In the Ch'in Dynasty as in Chou, Han and in the present. Confucianism is part of the Chinese social discipline and the way of the life, also agriculture's was heavily depended …

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…themselves conquered by Chinese culture. These serves to show that military occupation and political control eventually had to give way to cultural superiority. To conclude, today both the develop and developing country is confronted with a multitude of problems, of the culture is very important one. Without an advanced culture a nation is hard to prossed to build up advanced economical or political systems, or indeed retain them for long, even if they already exist.