Child Labor

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Child labor was and is still an existing practice in the world today. Manuel, a five-year old worked at a seafood cannery in Biloxi, Mississippi, with a shrimp pail in each hand and a mountain of oyster shells behind his back. He is typical for thousands of working children in the years before the civil war, especially the turn of the century. America's army of child laborers had been growing steadily for the past century. …

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…complain. That is taking advantage of the naïve and Proverbs 0:00(I'll find this before the final draft) says not to take advantage of the naïve. A child working at an early age, isn't necessarily a bad thing. The problem with that, is the treatment they receive. Paul talks about treating your servant well and honorable. The employers rarely ever showed compassion for the children and they did not get paid what they should.