Child Abuse

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Child abuse is forced omission of a caretaker or a parent that causes a child to be hurt or killed. Child abuse is a major problem in todays society. Some people think it is okay or don't see anything wrong with abusing a child, other do see something wrong with it. Sexual abuse is taking advantage of a child with the intent to sexually stimulate a child or tho use a child to sexually stimulate …

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…arrested for sex crimes began at an early age(Leone, 51). A "secondary" child is a child that has observed a victim being abused. These children can suffer the same disfunctions as the victim. They may also become violent as they get older. They may show problems as adults that may interfere with their ability to be a good parent(Levinson, 73). "Children who witness domestic violence may be particularly vulnerable to emotional and developmental problems."(Leone, 55).