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Interpretations and Questions Concerning this Synthesis Interpretation of IR (Infrared Spectrometry) By running an infrared spectrometry (IR) important information about the particular functional groups of a compound is obtained. This allows for the naming of an unknown compound by analyzing the different functional groups that makes up the specific compound. The regions in which the functional groups appear fall between 4000-1300 cm-1 on the spectra. Since the compound I attempted to synthesize was an ester, …

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…calculate the total amount of time the compound is in the GC column, which is known as retention time. The retention time for my compound was minutes. Just running the compound through the GC doesn¡¯t identify the compound; the results have to be compared to that of a known sample. If the operating conditions are the same as the known samples were, a matching retention time will confirm the identity of the unknown sample.